My pleasure, Starla's


Brask City is the city where most of My pleasure, Starla's story takes place.

Starla moves to Falls City at the end of 2017.

     Main characters in order of appearance

Starla Carrera, formerly Fernanda and born as Christine Meyer.

The story of '' my pleasure, starla '' revolves around her point of view. Starla tells her life in her personal diary and inserts us into her world.

Starla grew up in a home with abusive parents and began to prostitute herself to try to escape from home.

The relationship with them is conflicted and Starla says in one of her reports that she considers Tony (the Emporium pimp) more her father than her own parent.

Starla meets a mysterious man and falls in love with him and decides to leave this life behind but an unresolved situation causes Starla to confront again her past and it almost costs her life.

Edgar, Starla's first client.

Married and father of two daughters, a successful electrical engineer.

Starla met Tony through him.

Died of stomach cancer.

Starla didn't know but he was one of the biggest underage pimps in the country.

Starla was one of his victims.

Antony or popularly known Tony is the owner of Emporium, one of the most famous nightlife venues in Brask City.

In his youth he used to be a DJ and owner of the very famous Paradiso's club, thus meeting his then wife and later taking over management of Emporium, which was owned by her family.

Starla's best friend, David is the second person Starla trusts most after her diary.

He is studying psychology and lives with his boyfriend.

He's the only person who knows where Starla is now.

Alice, Starla's best friend in this job.

One of the purest-hearted people that Starla met.

Bodybuilder champion for three years in a row in her category, previously in a triad and through her boyfriend after the broke up she ended up at Emporium.

Starla has not heard from her since she left her apartment that night of Starla's fight with Tony.

Alberto, Starla's possessive passionate customer.

Alberto used that Starla drove him crazy and what Alberto made was the attitude worthy of a crazy man.


 Carlo Carrera is the youngest of four brothers and consequently the one who had less contact with his deceased mother and thus took Marcella, the housekeeper as his maternal figure.

The result of the meeting between Starla and Carlo changed their lives forever.

Starla's parents: There is not much information about what they are like, nor their names.

In the first chapter Starla shares with us the mistreatment suffered during her childhood, which leads us to believe that they are perverse narcissistic people.

Lukas Rodriguez

Olya Kobruseva

Lalesh Aldarwish

Gabriela Cheloni


Andre Moura

Elti Meshau

Jacub Gomez

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