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Stacy Maya author

Stacy Maya, born Thaina Cristiane Freiberger on november 25th, 1995 on Blumenau, Santa Catarina, Brazil, is the writer and author of the book ''My pleasure, Starla''.

Born and raised in Blumenau - Santa Catarina, Brazil, currently living in a small town of Italy.

Since Stacy was a little girl she was somewhat different of the other kids: her room had not only messes from toys but also and many of pens and papers.

Stacy uses to say her biggest motivation to become a writer besides her love for writing is a phrase she heard of a elementary school teacher: ''You got a F, you would not be able to write this yourself''. She was wrong and those words marked Stacy for life, that made she give up writing that time... 

Life went on, Stacy tried to do so many things for a living but there was always that blue bird in her heart asking her to go back writing and some time after she got the idea of writing ''My pleasure, Starla''.

With the support of her loving husband, Stacy resumed writing her book and published in 2021 independently.

You can check out her debut book on : 

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